Sunbrella Marine Protection Collection
A selection of fabrics from the Sunbrella Marine Protection Collection.

Sunbrella® Marine Protection Collection

Sunbrella Marine Protection Collection

The Sunbrella Protection Collection of marine fabrics fulfills every need when it comes to on-board protection for all types of boats: power boats, sail boats, etc. Offering complete protection and optimal durability, Sunbrella marine fabrics are the preferred choice for making hoods, Biminis, tarpaulins, protective covers, rear closures and more.

This collection harbors performance technology that enables the fabrics to stand up to the harshest marine world conditions. Sunbrella shade fabrics are high in UPF and UV-resistance, protecting them from the elements when used at sea so they remain stunningly vibrant year after year.

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Sunbrella Marine Protection
Collection Fabrics


Sunbrella stands out for its very good breathability, which provides quick drying in the open air and prevents molding. Some references offer identical designs as Sunbrella Plus to match water-resistance and breathability on the same project.

Sunbrella Plus

Sunbrella Plus is mold-resistant and easy to maintain thanks to its resin-based antifungal coating that makes it waterproof. This solution-dyed acrylic fabric offers piqué effects as well as colors references to coordinate with your boat.


Furling is an anti-UV tape fabric designed to protect the genoa from UV rays during anchorage. Once rolled up, the sail is fully protected against aggressions of the sun.


Sunbrella® SeaMark is the benchmark in boat protection, 100% waterproof with Sunbrella® fabric on the outer face and a special Sunbrella textured marine- grade colour-matched water-resistant vinyl on the back. The application (winter covers, camper closure and external protection), the main features and benefits (100% waterproof, anti-mould and UV resistant) and the design make this product the optimum protection against the elements.