Sunbrella Pure Collection
Closeup shot of a folded stack of fabric from the Sunbrella Pure Collection.

Sunbrella® Pure Collection

Sunbrella Pure Collection

A realization of shape, texture and color

Nature is a continually renewed expression of shapes, textures and colors.

The Pure Collection embraces this expression through raw and plush textures, patterns drawn from universal geometry, and use of color to imitate optical effects found in nature. Pure realizes these sensory experiences through motifs that feel authentic, relevant and unforced, creating essential design elements that, layered together or mixed with other fabric collections, subtly adapt to their environment.

The fabrics of Pure create a natural duality with each other. Incorporating chenille and heathered yarn blends, dimensional stitching, and two-tone effects, Pure dramatizes the tension found in nature between soft and hard, linear and curved, light and shadow, and smooth and dimensional. In layering textures and tones, or focusing on a single pattern and hue, Pure reconciles these tensions and creates balance.

Sunbrella Pure Fabrics


This trusted basic has become a favorite, thanks to a finely textured, heathered weave that gives the fabric more depth and interest. With this collection launch, new colors of Cast have been added to expand the spectrum of available shades.


A beautifully textured basic that serves to ground the collection. With a defined basketweave made from combining thick and thin yarns in both directions of the cloth, this textile is reminiscent of time-honored weaving techniques.


A plush chenille, Platform features a gorgeous texture that mimics a sanded velvet. With its irregular, striated surface, Platform creates a natural and comforting tactile experience.


Authentic encourages individuality with its large pattern scale. Taking inspiration from Shibori hand-dyeing techniques, it features an abstract floral motif with playful energy.


Featuring a delicate hexagonal motif created by embroidery-inspired techniques, Enrich balances an irregular tonal weave with geometric form, adding refreshing lightness to the design.


A warm, familiar plaid with a hand-loomed quality, Simplicity uses a thicker linen weave and a more muted color palette to create a comforting, homespun feel.


A bold block stripe with diffused edges, Intent uses heavier blended yarns that give the fabric an earthier, grounded quality.


This raw yet defined herringbone weave pops with an unexpected color gradient, creating subtle definition within its delicate ribbing.


A sophisticated multi-colored pinstripe. With its mix of accent colors, Refine can be used as a foundational fabric to bridge other fabrics in the collection together.


A smooth chambray stripe with a matte, dusted effect and a relaxed, muted palette. Trusted naturally connects with Cast as a casual counterpart.