Sunbrella European Upholstery Collection
Fabrics from the Sunbrella European Upholstery Collection

Sunbrella® European Upholstery Collection

Sunbrella European Upholstery Collection

Odyssey and Bahia: an invitation to travel and a return to basics

Sunbrella® offers more than two hundred fabric products divided into two main collections.

Odyssey strikes the perfect balance between the practical and the essential. From understated to more contrasted designs, compositions can be tailored to individual tastes for an elegant and timeless effect.

Bahia invites you to enjoy a complete change of scene by traveling to exotic destinations. A remarkable meeting of sophistication and vibrancy.

Available in a range of vivid colors and pastel tones, geometric patterns and sophisticated plains, these subtle associations streamline indoor and outdoor spaces while giving them real personality.

Sunbrella® believes fabrics should be both beautiful and practical.

Its solution-dyed acrylic fiber - in contrast to yarns dyed using conventional techniques - guarantees the quality, resistance, colorfastness and easy maintenance of Sunbrella® fabrics, indoors and outdoors.

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This latest fabric quality is the result of a painstaking development process. Enjoying a new yarn mix, it radiates warmth, comfort and personality. Highly resistant, Archi is ideal for use on seats. Available in six mineral and natural colors.


This textured jacquard comes in six neutral tones. Light brings to life the patinated effect and subtle reflections and gives a lustrous quality to this essential fabric. Perfectly adapted to all uses.


The structure of Deauve has a thicker grain that sets it apart from Natté. Its subtle relief with reassuring qualities makes it an upholstery classic. This range is composed of seven delicate colors including deep black and dazzling white.


This three-colour weave is inspired by the elegance of masculine attire. The graphic structure created by a weave with thick, contrasting yarns comes in seven unique colours. From near and far, Domino brings refinement and a certain style to any seat. Highly resistant to abrasion, Domino is adapted to all uses.


Available in four summery colours, this two-colour stripe for loungers or deckchairs has a vacation air. The Foutah stripe with a craft feel and Mediterranean style is an invitation to relax.


Luxuriously curvaceous, Lopi has a thick grain and knitted aspect. The range comes in seven fresh, joyful colours and seven luminous neutrals. Adds a soft touch to interiors.


Majestic is a glamorous and luxurious fabric. Light plays on its surface to reveal the richness and depth of its sculptured construction. An astonishing dual aspect adds unprecedented refinement to seats and cushions. Its shapely drape is ideal for window hangings. Four neutral hues are echoed by four deep, striking colours that add a subtle touch to contemporary decors.


Timeless and versatile, Natté is a classic upholstery fabric. Natural to the eye and elegant to the touch, it is ideal for seats and accessories. Natté comes in a rich palette of 23 colors, luxurious neutrals and six new designs in invigorating, sophisticated hues.


Mezzo is a new grain available in eleven luminous, invigorating colours. This semi-plain with shifting, subtle hues adds a bold, modern touch to interior seats or window hangings.


This pliant, semi-plain basic is ideal for outdoor furniture and accessories. Designed for lightness, it is affordable without compromising on quality. Available in six colours with frosted, delicate shades.


Savane comes in a range of new, vivid colours. An irregular weave reveals its textural beauty. Savane is suited naturally to all seats and accessories. Available in 11 colours.

Stripes and Solids

Solids is the standard classic fabric in our collection. It comes in a range of 50 colors with ottoman, piqué and chiné effects to create a bespoke look. Available in three iconic strips and highly resistant, Solids are adapted to any use.


Traditional expertise is interwoven with innovation in the inspiringly pure and minimalist aesthetic of Zori. This new construction with a satin appearance and sophisticated look comes in 14 powdery and iridescent hues. A subtle fabric with a luxurious drape and pliant texture ideal for seats, window hangings and accessories.


Woven with PVC and acrylic yarns for optimum comfort and durability, Sling is particularly well suited for lounge chairs and outdoor furniture.


Like a shadow puppet, the design of the Ikebana fabric is displayed across its width, inviting us to enjoy the show. The bold colorful contrasts bring this plant-inspired jacquard to life and transports us to another land. Available in a range of six sparkling colours, Ikebana is ideal for drapes, seats and accessories.


This small jacquard is inspired by the craft of raffia-weaving. Its hand-woven effect brings to life this geometric classic. Komo comes in five vivid colours and invigorates interiors on decorative cushions.


This geometric jacquard, striking at any distance, zestily accessorizes couches and armchairs. Marquetry is available in five, invigorating and lively colours. The latest must-have design!

Heritage 50% Recycled

This upholstery fabric made of 50% virgin fibres and 50% recycled fibres reflects our commitment to the environment. Colorful fibre ends from the process of reusing the primary material may appear in the weave and vary the fabric colour from one batch to another. This creates a unique fabric with a natural look and vintage charm.