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Wine spill on your white sofa? No problem for Sunbrella performance fabric. Easy clean, easy care.

Transform your space

Change out throw pillows and accessories for a fresh look

Easily make rooms in your home feel new again with Sunbrella indoor fabrics. Shop our extensive selection of indoor fabrics by the yard with diverse color palettes, styles and patterns for every taste. Whether evolving your space, replacing a sofa on its last leg, or getting ready to host a gathering, Sunbrella indoor fabrics are a welcome addition to any home for every lifestyle.

Soft Touch

Color Stability

Stain Resistance

Easy Care

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Finishes wear off, our performance is built-in.

Sunbrella Acrylic Yarn

Sunbrella Acrylic Yarn

Sunbrella fabric's performance doesn’t stop at the finish—it’s engineered into the core of each fabric with durable fibers that are completely saturated with color.

Other Yarns

Other Yarns

Most performance fabrics are simply regular fabrics with a protective surface finish. However, normal use, spills and cleanings gradually wear away at that finish, eventually exposing the fabric to potentially irreversible damage.

When it's Sunbrella performance fabric, life's little spills are little (and cleanable)

Worry-free living at home

Indoor furniture fit for kids, pets and lasting memories

Yes, you CAN have nice things! Relax and enjoy your new favorite sofa or chair designed with Sunbrella performance fabrics, worry-free. Our comfortable, soft to the touch, stain resistant, and easy-care fabrics are durable enough to take on everyday living.

Icon showing the five-year limited warranty.

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Window treatments

Let the light shine in…or not

Maximize natural light or create a dramatic backdrop with beautiful, fade resistant window treatments from Sunbrella. Our exclusive collections made in collaboration with The Shade Store offer richness and warmth to interior spaces with over 80 colors available for roller shades, solar shades, roman shades, draperies and cornices.

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Reduce glare in your living space with Solar Shades from The Shade Store

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